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  Trading Guidelines

I am always happy to talk about working out a trade with other collectors for cards that I want and/or need. However, due to bad experiences with traders in the past, I have decided to implement the following rules...

  • When a fellow collector contacts me about a trade, that collector is expected to send his items first. I will then send my items upon receipt of his/hers.


  • If I contact a collector about a trade, I will then send my items out first. I will expect my items from the collector upon receipt of mine.


  • By agreeing to a trade, the collector recognizes my right to return items that do not meet my satisfaction. The collector, of course, is granted this same right.

  • I also request that If I have not traded with you before that you include at least three trading references, and If you cannot supply you must send first no matter what side of the trade you are on.



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